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With the Tonkin demolition project scheduled for completion spring of 2024, the next step in the district’s efforts to use our current educational spaces more cost-effectively and sustainably is the discussion of building configurations and potential changes to our current grade level structures. In order for us to have informed discussion, WE NEED YOUR INPUT! 

Below you will find a survey that includes some POSSIBLE reconfigurations of grade levels, an option that keeps the current configuration (with one less building for grades 1-3), and a space for other potential ideas.

These inquiries are VERY PRELIMINARY and will serve as a starting point for further discussion. No decisions have been made and no decisions will be made without careful consideration of the input from stakeholders, a review of data, and extensive research. Our decisions will be based on what is in the best interest of the students of the district.

We look forward to hearing your feedback & ideas and moving forward with discussions.