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Special Services / Alt Program Staff

Dallas Myers

Director of Special Services / Alternative Administrator 

Denise May

Director's Administrative Assistant 

Tiffany Forbis

School Psychologist 

Shana White

School Psychologist 

Cheryl Coleman


Cathy Fisher

At Risk Coordinator 

Valorie Ratliff

Hearing Technician/IEP Compliance Secretary 

Penny Novotny

Special Services Secretary 

Petrina Murfitt

Case Manager Alternative School

Kamee Eller

Case Manager Riverton High School 

Brian Peil

Case Manager Rendezvous Elementary 

Sarah Hughes

Case Manager Jackson Elementary 

Joyce Shimogaki

Case Manager Ashgrove Elementary 

Pat Horton

Case Manager Willow Creek Elementary 

Pam Pince

Alternative Science Teacher 

Phil Pierson

Alternative Math Teacher 

Nick Esposito

Alternative Language Arts Teacher 

Troy Anderson

Alternative Social Studies Teacher 

Beth Leonhardt

RMS 6th and 7th Grade 

Adair Aune

RHS 9th , RMS 8th and ACE

ADA Compliance Errors 0