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IEP Process

Special Services IEP Process

  1. The parent, teacher, or someone else has an educational concern.
  2. The Building Intervention Team (BIT) is called together to review the concerns, brainstorm interventions and implement a plan of action which will be reviewed in approximately four weeks, revised and tried again.
  3. If interventions have not been successful, the BIT may reconvene and make a referral for evaluation to determine if a disability exists, or refer to other programs/services.
  4. The case manager will obtain input from parents and other IEP team members to develop a Multidisciplinary Evaluation Plan (the evaluations to be done).
  5. The team members will complete individual evaluations according to the MDA plan.
  6. The case manager will set the meeting at a time mutually agreed upon by parents and other team members.
  7. The principal or case manager will conduct the IEP meeting and the IEP is completed. The parent is a vital part of the IEP team.
    • Parental Safeguards (parent rights) will be reviewed, if you wish, and the purpose of the meeting stated.
    • The IEP team will review the student's performance, including evaluation needs of the student, and determine eligibility for educational services.
    • The IEP team will, if the student is eligible for special education, determine goals and objectives, special education and related services which would be designed to help the student benefit from special education. Special Education services would be provided in the "Least Restrictive Environment" (LRE) appropriate.
    • The IEP team will determine modifications and accommodations needed to help the student benefit from special education services.
    • The IEP team will plan transition services, beginning at age 16, or sooner if appropriate.
    • The case manager will obtain written parent consent for the first special education placement.
  8. Copies of the IEP including the goals and objectives will be given (usually mailed) to the parents.
  9. The IEP is implemented on the next school day unless otherwise noted. The IEP team will, on at least an annual basis, convene to review progress toward meeting goals and revise the IEP as necessary. A meeting may be requested earlier by any member of the IEP team, including the parent.


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