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Special Services Dictionary

Building Intervention Team (BIT)

A team usually consisting of the building principal, the student's teacher, and other professionals. Its purpose is to review screening information on students who may be experiencing difficulty in school. The team may recommend interventions, monitor the implementation and progress of interventions and refer the student for a multidisciplinary evaluation, if necessary.

Goals and Objectives

The IEP team develops goals and objectives to help the student benefit from education. The goals and objectives are designed individually for each student and are inked to state standards for all students. Special education teachers report progress toward meeting your child's goals several times per year.

Individual Education Program (IEP)

A written plan that includes educational goals for the student and describes the special education program which will be provided to reach those goals. Parents are active participants in the meeting in which the IEP is written. You will receive a copy of the IEP after the meeting.

IEP Annual Review

A yearly meeting of the team including you and other professionals serving your child. This is held to review your child's progress during the past year and plan for the year ahead. You may, however, call an IEP meeting at any time; you do not have to wait until the annual review to meet if you have concerns or wish to review the IEP.

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

LRE refers to a 'free and appropriate public education' in an educational setting with age-appropriate non-disabled peers. Special classes and separate schools are considered only when the severity or complexity of a child's disability prevents them from making progress in a general education class.

Multidisciplinary Evaluation

An evaluation of the referred student's educational needs, designed to determine whether the student qualifies for special education services. A multidisciplinary evaluation must focus on the suspected disability as indicated by the referral and can only be conducted with written parent consent. The exact nature of the evaluation depends upon the complexity of the student's educational difficulties and areas of suspected disabilities. The evaluation process must be repeated every three years if the student qualifies for special education services.


Students may be referred for a multidisciplinary evaluation in areas of suspected disabilities by the BIT.


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