Student Health

Medical Professionals hands on keyboard

Medical Information

Medication dispensing by the school requires completion of the medication authorization form by the parent and the physician. Parent(s) must provide the medication for the school in its original container.

Download Medical Authorization For Medication Form

The school conducts vision, hearing, and scoliosis screenings and results are given to parents. Please contact your school nurse if you want more information concerning screenings.

The school does not carry student health insurance. However, the school has enrollment forms available for parents who wish to purchase secondary health and accident insurance coverage for their student(s).

School Nurses

  • Amber Howel - Jackson Elementary School

  • Jenna Shepardson - Ashgrove Elementary School

  • Trish Crippen - Rendezvous Elementary School

  • Kenna Borst - Riverton Middle School

  • Kylie Emerson- Riverton High School and Frontier Academy

  • Amy Saltsgaver - Aspen Early Learning Center

  • Sarah Gatenbein - Willow Creek Elementary

  • Jessica Bates - District-wide Special Education Nurse

Mental Health / School Counselors

  • Riverton High School - Lars Flanagan, Jill Reddon, Brenda Sims, Jeff Motitsi

  • Riverton Middle School - Terrayne Kintzler, Shyla Mcniven, Tara Collins, Torri Nicholls

  • Rendezvous Elementary - Perry Reddon

  • Ashgrove Elementary - Danyne Cooper

  • Aspen Early Learning Center - Dana Osborne

  • Jackson Elementary - Brian Beultler

  • Willow Creek Elementary - Aimee Fredricksen

  • Frontier Academy - Sara Hughes